HH Belgium

Historic Hotels Belgium

The group “Historic Hotels Belgium“ has five boutique hotels that are privately owned.
The five hotels are the Ghent River Hotel, Hotel Gravensteen,  Hotel de Flandre, Tower Hotel Aalst and Monasterium PoortAckere.
Four of them are situated in the spectacular historical centre of Ghent and the other one is found in Aalst.
Each hotel is housed in one or more historical restored buildings, one of which dates back to 1278.


The four hotels are situated right in the heart of the city centre. Ghent city centre is Belgium's largest car-free zone. The hotels are found just a few minutes away from Ghent's Castle of the Counts, Graslei quay, Sint Michiels bridge (St Michael's), Vrijdagsmarkt square and other places of interest.

Each year, numerous festivals are held in this vibrant city: the Gentse Feesten (the 10-day long Ghent Festival), the Festival of Flanders, the Flanders International Film Festival, the Winterdroom Festival (and the Christmas market), as well as the Zesdaagse race (Six Days of Ghent) in the Het Kuipke velodrome. 

Welcome to our city ! We hope you have a great stay at one of our exclusive Historic Hotels Belgium.